Bradway Primary School

Here at Bradway Primary School, we are strong proponents of ‘everyone’s good at something’ and ‘learning through enjoyment’ and this feeds through our entire curriculum. Our inclusive and supportive attitude within the school allows each child to realise their strengths. We are ambassadors of P4C here at Bradway and we are aiming for Sapere’s Gold Award status. We are very encouraging of children to think and explore philosophical concepts when learning, whilst developing their own voice and identity. We are a school of 400+ children, situated in the south of Sheffield, close to the Peak District. We have recently joined the Sheffield Schools’ Tech Hub so that we can both learn from and contribute to a valuable citywide community. We would like to maximise the use of technology within the school and ensure that our students are best prepared for their future in a technological world. It is very exciting to be involved with such a valuable community and we look forward to the opportunities that the Hub will bring.

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