The Sheffield Schools’ Tech Hub is a pro-active, free, supportive and diverse collection of schools who are passionate about improving digital teaching & learning for all members of their school community.  Led by Stephen Wiles, a Google Certified Trainer and the Head of e-Learning and a music teacher at Sheffield Girls’ School, Hub members meet regularly to learn, train, inspire and be inspired by a range of speakers. 

Central to ethos of the Hub is to develop the training opportunities led by students. Tech has often been ‘teacher-led’ but the aptitude, focus and experience of students using tech in a range of classroom settings give them a unique opportunity to provide eye-opening insights into their experiences and how tech can be used to improve their learning experience. The Hub advocates the creation and implementation of Digital Leaders at each member school to help facilitate and expedite digital transformations but to also promote confidence and digital wellbeing amongst students. Take a look at our Digital Leader pages for more information.  

All resources on this site have been created by member schools and available publicly for any user, worldwide, to utilise.  

For a more detailed overview of the Sheffield Schools’ Tech Hub, take a look at this Google Doc

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