Gmail – Using Multiple Labels

Labels are an efficient and simple way to keep track of your emails. Get a lot of messages from your gym? Why not create a label called Gym so you can store, access, search and delete them when required? Caleb Bostock from Woodseats Primary School has created the video below

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Chrome – Locating Royalty Free Images

Searching for images on Google is super easy. However, finding a royalty free image, which you can safely and legally use in presentations, conferences and printed materials requires a keen eye on the search settings. The video below, created by Caleb Bastock at Woodseats Primary School, demonstrates how to effectively

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Drive – Locate and email the shareable link of a Doc

All files located in Google Drive can be shared with other users; all you need is the shareable link!  The video below, created by Liz Pediani at Arbourthorne Community Primary School, demonstrates how to access the shareable link and how to amend the permission settings. 

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Meet – Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

One of the many advantages of using Google Meet is that it offers a seamless connection between your Google Calendar and Google Meet. Imagine you want to set up an online meeting a week on Thursday and invite your departmental colleagues. The video below, created by Megan Holloway at Gleadless

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Drive – Sharing a folder with an email address

You wish to allow other users to access the content you hold in a Google Drive folder. To do this you can share your follow with another users email address and decide what type of access they need e.g. view only or editing capabilities. The video below, created by Liz

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