Google Group

The Google Group is a way for all members of the Hub to communicate. It is not publicly accessible and messages shared will only be sent to or responded by members of the Hub.

Feel free to use the Google Group to ask questions or let other members know that you’ve uploaded an article to the website.  

Using the Google Group

The email address of the group is the rather (un)catchy: You might want to copy/paste this long email address into your contacts.

If you use several email accounts, you must ensure that you only send emails to the Google Group from the account registered with this site. If you need help, please contact Stephen.

You can access the SSTH Google Group online where you can view all messages, search content, reply to messages and amend your notification settings.

Click here to access the Google Group online.

All members of this Hub will receive your email. Any recipient can respond to your message. 

No. Only one nominated person per school can join the Group. You are free to forward emails from the Google Group to colleagues but only the nominated person at each school can reply. 

It depends…

  • If your school does not have a G Suite for Education licence then you cannot use Google Groups.
  • If you school does have a Google for Education licence then you can create groups. However, your IT team may have chosen to disable this functionality. Please chat with them for further advice.  

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